The TWA crew proudly presents to the world, our Spring/Summer 2012 collection of the classic “TWA HOT BOY” delivery. With the combination of creativity, influences from our past, and unique touches of Louisiana culture, we at TWA were able to put together something special not only for us, but for the world to embrace. Within our culture, New Orleans “Hot Boys” and “Hot Girls” have been around for decades. So we felt it was only right to re-establish the Hot Boy term once again. We turned to history, as we took the once biggest supermarket in the world Schwegmann’s and honored its accomplishments by reopening it as Swaggmen’s for our products to be shopped from. As well as we looked at the famous Tabasco logo just to clarify how HOT we truly are. This delivery comes out in conjunction to our New Auraleans Project, which TWA will continue to showcase everyday and historic New Orleans culture and creatively display it in various ways.

TWA LIFE – #supportNOLAculture





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