After going to the Kanye West concert I had an epiphany. Kanye West has never changed as a creative artist. I remember thinking before the Yeezus album dropped is Kanye ever going to start making my favorite music again.
Will there be another Late Registration or Graduation album again? Immediately after listening to the Yeezus album, I felt abandoned because of Kanye’s new sound and abstract vocals. I was expecting a more positive motivational album that had remnants of his old sound.
Losing my faith in Yeezus I started to question the creativity of my former role model. Had Kanye’s search for pushing the creative boundaries made him less of artist? Out of disappointment, all Empirical connection previously had was lost.
Once Kanye began making radio interviews ranting about his struggles in the clothing/production industry, I began understanding some of the reasons he made his album so radical in nature. Not only was he trying to change or break down margins created in Hip Hop, he also was throwing a big Fuck You to all the people who thought of him as just another commercial rapper, and not the mad genius he truly is.
Faith drawn me into being able to attend the Yeezus/Lamar concert. Circumstances fell into play and I was blessed with an Inspirational performance. After watching the yeezus album unfold in front of my mind, it began melding my sense of sound and sight. I had a come to Yeezus moment, I realized that the same Kanye West that inspired me to be creative and think differently has never truly changed his essence of being. With new found inspiration I find myself thinking WEST in the search of achieving greatness.

– Malcolm D Rogers

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