Around this time last week, Kanye West had announced via Twitter about a potential weekend long “The Life of Pablo” Pop Up Shop in Soho, New York. Now being that you cant always trust a Kanye West tweet these days, for its like his twitter rants has taken some form of hit drama series within themselves. However, indeed the announcement was true as pictures began to surface throughout social media of what the outside of the shop looked like. Of course, within a few hours the announcement, the news had made its way to every blog, magazine, and media outlet interested in such a story which then lead into the hype and demand to get your hands on some limited TLOP gear. I can only assume that somewhere between Thursday and Friday, the dedicated ones eager to get their hands on some gear, began to camp out and line up outside of the venue where the shop was being held. The line from what was recorded was ridiculous and people waited easily several hours before the venue even decided to open. Despite all the long lines, the shop did stay open the whole weekend as people paid good money for TLOP gear which still had the manufactures tag on them. (WOW! Would have thought for those prices, they could have at least put a custom tag on the product) Regardless, Kanye stated he made more than a million that weekend at the shop, so we can all guess it was a major success.

This is Kanye’s second album themed Pop Up Shop and personally I love them. Even though I would like to see more thought and creativity put into the actual shop itself. I just feel like since I’m standing out here for hours to buy a shirt, why not make it a real attraction that makes anyone feel like you had to be there to witness it and that way the clothing is forever a talking piece and history. I guess when I think of pop up shops, I expect a unique experiencing unlike what I would experience in a regular retail store, but that might just be me. Anyways I hope Kanye continues with the shops and possibly do more than one location like a tour. I believe the people will show up and out for Yeezus for he is pop culture right now. Check out the images below and let us know what are your thoughts on the whole thing. Coolery!

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