Most times when people think about New Orleans culture, they direct their attention to the food, or the lingo, or most commonly the music. But, what about fashion? Hasn’t New Orleans changed/impacted Hip Hop culture with its fashion statements? Right now New Orleans fashion is as influential as its ever been, and there’s some young designers making sure that their presence is felt. Where will most of those young designers all be at once? Well, NOLA League ’16 of course. Lemme break down who will be there, and the impact they’re having in New Orleans, and surrounding areas.


I saw this movement take off with Paw at the forefront, and honestly they’ve made waves in a very short time. Now they have the entire Twitter TL itching for one of their hats, and they’ve made huge statements with their unique t-shirt designs. When you push the envelope of what you’re willing to put out, it’s always high risk, high reward, and I think that that’s what FRGN is benefiting right now. From the name, to the designs, they’ve definitely taken chances, and in the long run, it’s going to pay off even more. I think that if FRGN goes through with the pop up shop at NOLA League, they will do numbers, and even more people in the city will be up on their brand, I don’t think that they can take a loss here honestly.


Right now, I’m not 100% sure where PR88F is with the merch, but I do know that I’ve seen the movement grow tremendously, even after the passing of Yup Man. I remember we featured PR88F really early in the Fyoozhen Magazine era, and the growth that the brand has had since then is something to celebrate honestly. I love to see young, black owned businesses in the city get their shine on, and PR88F is shining hard right now. I definitely want to see them flood the streets with product, continue doing the videos, because that’s progressing at a swift rate, and just overall keep the momentum up, I’m on the lookout.

Like Sushi 

One of my favorite brands is Like Sushi. With a marketing plan as clever as they have, with the work ethic to match, it’s no surprise that this brand is going global. New Orleans breeds creativity, but Like Sushi is on another planet with it. Honestly, I’m hoping that I can cop a hat, or something at their pop up, because I want to get behind a movement like this. I think that they can get a lot out of NOLA League in terms of more supporters, customers, and a huge spotlight placed on them, as this is going to be the biggest stage of the Summer. I know that they will show up in the moment, and deliver fresh, quality product, Like Sushi.

Da Winners

I’m going to try not to let my bias show in this one, because Eric (CEO of Da Winners) has become a close  homie of mine, but man! Talk about hustle for the lifestyle you want, that’s what Eric is doing with Da Winners. His brand has become so much his lifestyle that people know him as “Da Winners”, it’s his social media handle.  What Da Winners represent is already legendary too. It’s something that you can purchase, and wear with confidence. How can your self-esteem be low with “Da Winners” across your chest & head. This is a brand I’m proud of, I’ve seen where E has taken it, and I know the plans for where he wants to take it. Da Winners is quickly becoming so much more than just merchandise. Da Winners TV, Da Winners music, Da Winners T–, yeahhh, I’ll save that exclusive. But, I’m hype to finally cop some gear from the homie at Nola League ’16, and if you’re reading this, join Da Winning Team, and cop some gear too.


To me, Tvche is one of the best designers in the city. His imagination bleeds out on his clothing, and he’s impacted the city in a major way because of it. He’s branded himself accordingly, he’s made the right moves, and now you’re seeing the movement grow in a crazy upward motion. I think that Tvche represents Katrina Kids in a major way. We’re self expressive, we’re innovative, we’re always looking for ways to get ahead, and I think that Tvche embodies all of these qualities. I think that the reason he has as much support as he does is because a lot of people, see a lot of themselves in him, as well as his work. I remember how long ago he was customizing the sneakers, and now it’s a common practice amongst amateur designers. That shows how ahead of the curve he is a designer, and I think that he’ll continue to progress as a trend setter. I’m excited to see what he brings to Nola League ’16, and it’s going to be good to see the city show him as much love as he’s inevitably going to get.


Yo, the definition of epidemic is, “an outbreak or product of sudden rapid spread, growth, or development”. Have you seen mass quantities of people walking around with 100 dollar bills on their clothes? Hats with 100 dollar bills on them? Yeah, that’s the Twent1Rich epidemic. monstrous. Fueled by The Trap Designer, which I mean lets face it, is a pretty cool name. This movement represents so much for the city. I think copping gear from Twenty1Rich instantly makes you a who’s who. Right now, I’m not big enough to rock it. I feel like if I don’t have $100 on me, it’s not time for me to have Twenty1Rich yet, but, if he wants to slide me that green jersey that Neno Calvin had on recently, then who am I to deny. But in all seriousness, I’m a fan of this brand. When I first saw Lex Boogie with the had, I was like, this is so iLL, and ever since then I’ve been following the movement. Fashion has always been cool to follow, just as cool, and important as the music. The first person’s fashion I was a fan of was Kanye, and those 100 dollar bills on the clothing makes me think of pink polos, and backpacks, so salute The Trap Designer for the nostalgia.


Love to DLF where you can find most of these brands. DLF is a premier urban clothing store in Baton Rouge, LA that represents the culture in a perfect manner. When you walk in, you instantly feel like one of the cool kids, as there’s current hip hop music being played, iLL art work on the walls, all of the latest fashion trends, and just all around good vibes. I went their for the first time for Alexis Miller’s food tasting for NOLA League ’16, and I didn’t wanna leave. I love places like that, places that instantly make you wanna write about them, and spread the word. I know that there’s big plans for DLF, and I know they’re only going up from here, but the things that they have already done are mind-blowing. (Gucci Voice)

So peep, go (here) get you a ticket for Nola League, and come see all of these dope brands present their packs. It’s up!

God Bless, TheRadioShaq


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