The New Orleans home team, Made Groceries is back with their latest Music Video for their single ‘Hii’.

“This video is liquid flames…” -Mauley

“No matter how Hii we get, we gon always remember to bring the groceries back to where we came from… Made!” – The Landlord

” Hiii

‘GroceryBoys’ back at it again with the #FreeSamples as we present the visual art for their banger “Hiii”. The track consist of 2/3rds of the supergroup (OeauxNeal/MauleySincyr). The video was shot by Delvalle studios. The essence of the video makes everything thing pop out from the balloons to their threads. It’s very interesting to see how the team can have fun and get the job done at the same time. As they go from studio to studio the audience can embrace the energy of the crew while enjoying hard, raw lyrics. The south has never heard anything like this. Feast your eyes for this food for thought. Jah Bless.” -Oeaux Neal

The Radio Shaq


Music Video



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