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DaTakeOver with Don Flamingo

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DaTakeOver Podcast Episode 4: Some may know him as "The Show", Some know him as "Don Flamingo" anyway he was in the DaTakeOver Building! Don Flamingo gets in depth about his personal Life, the Series of #NevaSayDi...

DaTakeOver with Sic Hop

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DaTakeOver Podcast: Episode 5 – With Sic Hop Get down to the Sic Hop sound, everybody get down to the Sic Hop sound! Sic Hop trio , SicHop Ra, Mind of A.D. and The Producer Gl!nn! Sic Hop represents Hip Hop, Boom...

Hennessey Unveils Supercharged 717HP 2015 Ford Mustang

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Check out this supercharged bad boy collaboration from Hennessey Performance and Ford to come up with a 717HP 2015 Mustang! Check out the article from our source partner Hypebeast. Im personally a huge mustang dud...

Luke James performs in New Orleans at HOB

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New Orleans native, Luke James performed at the House of Blues last night to a pack house singing most of the records off his debut album, Luke James. For those who are unfamiliar with Luke James, he an up and com...

StuntFest 2014

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Here is the recap of dope custom cars and trucks we witnessed with our partners HotCarsTV at StuntFest in Atlanta. Coolery!


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This year, our focus was to build upon the concept of our TWALIFE NETWORK by collaborating with various brands that we see promote an aspect of culture to the fullest. Our goal was to try to team up with these bra...

We’re Back

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Sorry for the long hiatus, but we have been working on some exciting things as of lately that took a bit of our time away from showcasing the latest dopeness in the world. We will most definitely try to to keep th...

The Buku Project 2014 (Buku Fest)

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Here is a photo recap of this year's Buku Fest which featured acts from Nas, Chance the Rappper, Tyler the Creator, Pusha T, Danny Brown, SchoolBoy Q and more! Catch the TWA Crew on our next adventure! Enjoy!

Jordan Brand Confirms First Jordan-Only Retail Store in New York

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Well this is quite a move by JB, a flagship Jordan Store in New York. Man I wonder what they will stock in this bad boy, Retros, OGs, or possibly just Team Jordans. Im not sure, but one thing I can count on is the...

Beyonce Explains Her Self Titled ‘Visual Album’

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If you don't know by now, Beyonce has released a unexpected album full of brand visuals and songs. Today, she releases Part 1 of her explaining why she choose to put out an album this way. Seems as though the King of ...

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