TheRadioShaq x JT Thomas

TheRadioShaq: First of all, in as many words as you need to use, describe The Walk of Love to someone that wasn’t there.

Love Man: If I can speak a couple words on what the walk of love felt like it was peaceful, dreamy, family friendly environment, fun, inspiring, fellowship, and awesome!

TheRadioShaq: What sparked the idea?

Love Man: One day thinking about Dr. KING and how he walked for his cause it led me to think about a walk for this cause which is love.

TheRadioShaq: What is the goal for The Walk of Love?

Love Man: The Goal of the walk of love is to be the spark to challenge cities globally in an effort to raise a new era of love; through awareness projects.

TheRadioShaq: How soon would you wanna have the next one?

Love Man: I would want to have one really soon because it felt amazing to have the walk of love which is symbolic of our love walk. Our plans are to have one once a month on the 16th. We choosing the number 16 because according to biblestudy.org the number sixteen is symbolic of love and loving.

TheRadioShaq: How are 2 of your passions, Basketball + Philanthropy related?

Love Man: Basketball is one of the avenues that I use to give back. It’s a tool, pipeline, and a avenue for philanthropic efforts

TheRadioShaq: What are the challenges that come with being 25 + finding your purpose?

Love Man: Knowing your purpose is good but the challenge is having patience and having a vision. It takes patience to develop your people skills to bring your vision to reality.

TheRadioShaq: Why is LOVE so important to you?

Love Man: Because I believe that God is Love. I feel that Love is this air we share with each other every single moment. Love is this interview that is created between the Loveman and _______________. Love is the connection with the readers. Love is the sun and the rain that help God seeds grow into their full potential. Love is everything. Love is the fuel to our faith. Love is our victory because love never fails. Love is New Orleans aka New Loveleans.

TheRadioShaq: What are 5 things you’re always thankful for?

Love Man: Always thankful for love because I believe God is love.

– always thankful for family

– Always thankful for imagination

– Always thankful for positive energy because it keeps my vibrations up

– Always thankful for peace

TheRadioShaq: What’s your ultimate goal for your life?

Love Man: My ultimate goal in life is to fulfill my purpose for this generation. To allow our message of love to reach every part of this earth.

TheRadioShaq: “God’s work, not mine” explain that to our readers?

Love Man: I believe every step or move I make is not for me but for the energy, the spirit, the power that’s greater then me which is God. Every morning I pray that God use me the way He want me to be use and I surrender. It’s not Jonathan work anymore, it’s God working through me to get His work done.





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