Yo, it’s The Plug coming through with another flaming Gumbeaux Mix, 2nd installment. On this mix I decided to bring back tracks from Demplz, Ambre, & DJ Shaad Smooth feat cHaD, Mid City AB, and AK. Some of the new comers to my mixes include LA’Rixkie, Reap Howard, REi the Imperial, Big Sant, Jace, Nesby Phips, Gene Stanza, Spook, & Jawuan. I have returners on the mix, with new tracks, including: Mid City AB, Daniel Heartless, Lo, Scum, & a BIG exclusive new track from New Orleans’ top rap group, Made Groceries.

The ‘GroceryBoys’ are back at it again the the new music. On the second stop of their ‘GroceryRun’
they drop off the latest single “HighKey”. The freelance flows of this tune captivates their listeners with catchy punchlines throughout the whole track. The fans will play this one back to back. Adding some heat to the summer with these new songs has been a good look for the team. Stay tuned for their latest EP “WahnTown” coming later this season. For now, enjoy the latest flames from the set as we present to you ‘HighKey’. Make sure you keep up with fam on this ‘GroceryRun’.

How did I pick the tracks for Volume 2? One of my dope twitter followers, @t_marieeeeee directed me to Jawuan, and his music just a few hours ago. I checked out a few tracks, and I needed to have him on. Gene Stanza & Mid City AB’s “Mississippi River-lution” has been on repeat ever since it dropped, it was inevitable. These guys did an amazing job with this track, and it features one of my favorite AB verses of all time. I’ve been wanting to write about REi the Imperial for awhile now, I like the diversity of his tracks, and when I stumbled upon this track, I knew that it had to make Vol.2. Made Groceries is The City’s best rap group, everything that they drop will always have a place on my mixes. “Honey” was one of those records that hit A$AP. LA’Rixkie, Reap Howard, and AK created a moment with “No Trippin”, the things AK did with that hook was filthy. The big homies at Da Take Over would not stop talking about Nesby Phips & “Cream on Chrome”, once I listened to the track, I knew what all of the fuss was about. Scum, best rapper I know under 18. He drops movies with his records, always ahead of the game, “Don’t Leave” was no different. I remember getting a text from Eric, owner of Da Winners saying that Daniel Heartless had dropped his new project. That urgency was because of records like “100 M’s”, a complete problem! Spook’s “Texas Tea” was a same day add, a banger of a record. I’ve known Spook for awhile now, and his music continues to get better.




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