New Orleans own, Chad Conquering Lion, has just released his latest project ‘Faded In The Bayou’ and its hella dope! Chad takes his craft of rapping very seriously and it shows through his music. The project opens with a dope track from Chad called “Everyday Thing” which uses a classic sample and a catchy nostalgic hook while Chad lays down the verses with a laid back type of delivery. The project has some dope beat selections as Chad partners with producers Jayodaprod, Dj FTK, Ogjuandadon, MarcMarcianeaux, & Dirty Junt to create a dope rotation of sounds. Tracks like “Still Waiting”, “Is It My Go?”, “Southern Blues”, & “My Grind 2.0”, has memorizing beats which Chad murders the tracks with his lyrical content and effortless flow. Chad spits flames on “Longevity” and is easily a track you can play on repeat as you lay back and blazin one in the air. On “The Thesis”, Chad flexes his word play as the track brings a underground pro era type of feel. On his track “G.O.M.L”, Chad comes correct with a catchy dope hook, but switches things up on the verse to showcase his diversity in deliverance of his message which almost felt like he was preaching to us on what we need to do to be able to get on his level. Chad even produced a snippet of a track on the project called “It’s Never Over” as you can hear kid on the back saying Chad is the best rapper in whole wide world. Chad Conquering Lion’s ‘Faded In The Bayou’ is overall a classic and is definitely worth a listen. Check it out below and let him know how you feel about it in the comments below. Follow Chad at @chadconQlion – Realery!





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