The Wandering Aura is multifaceted lifestyle brand that plans to explore, create, innovate, and showcase street/urban culture from around the world.

In 2011, Tariq Harris, Nate Hill, and Christian Wilson, took it upon themselves to turn this idea into a reality. For becoming inspired by their hometown’s lifestyle and culture, the crew began to first wander around the streets of New Orleans to figure out how to involve themselves within the culture.  The outcome was its first project, the TWALIFE MAG, which was an online magazine featured on The Wandering Aura dotcom. The online-magazine will be use as a platform to broadcast the latest in goods, products, and culture. The website’s content will include but not be limited to the topics of art, design, clothing, and footwear; while providing the support and information of independent brands, stores, film, and music. The blog’s content will also include a sub-blog called “Our Adventures.” which is referred to The Wandering Aura crew providing a personal perspective on street subcultures as they travel around the world.

The Wandering Aura crew also began to use their creative touches to dive into the clothing industry by providing quality limited pieces of men’s fashion for the world to enjoy. Pieces being based off of culture, travel, and everyday life; The Wandering Aura will continue to strive to bring their visions and creativity into the world in the form of product and fashion.

Encouraging others to explore life, innovate the culture,  and enjoy the things around them is part of the TWALIFE mission. That being said, The Wandering Aura strives to create awesome experiences and has began to create a network of affiliates and a roster of collaborations that help to make this goal possible. Our network so far includes brands like HotCarsTV, where we have collaborated and created projects like BBQ BURNOUT, a custom car, truck, and food festival, to become involved with the custom car and truck culture and bring unique and creative experiences to it. .

Life is an adventure, no matter how simple or complex it may get. Our definition of Aura is a personal vibe that you give off that reflects multiple aspects of your lifestyle from the things you like to do, things that interest you, your mood, and/or your swag. As you wander through life, make sure your presence is always a present! – TWA

“Not all who wander are lost” ~J.R.R.Tolkien

For any questions or comments you can contact us at: thewanderingaura@gmail.com or twasubmit@thewanderingaura.com