The well-awaited project from New Orleans own Paasky has finally dropped and it’s titled, “BLAKtONY”. The project starts off with Paasky spitting hard on tracks “Free” and “Dapper Dan”, then it takes a musical pause as Paasky included a dope “Intreaux” to mix things up. On “Juice N Bombay”, Paasky brings a vintage orchestra type beat that sounds like an intro to a James Bond movie, while he smoothly spits his verses to create a joint that brings an essence of sophistication to the project. Paasky then gives us a taste of nostalgia with tracks like “Big Homie”, which he paints a picture of an early 90s lifestyle; while on his track “Trilla”,  he spits in a southern style flow paying homage to his southern roots.  Paasky then delivers a classic flow over a dope sampled beat on “Alright” and does the same on “Sweet Jones” on the classic UGK “Get Throwed” beat. Paasky then completes the project by collaborating on a dope track with Don Flamingo called “Real Shit”. The nine track project is definitely worth a solid listen. Paasky brings his vintage southern hard-hitting, yet soulful sound to the project that we can all appreciate. Check out “BLAKtONY” below and follow Paasky on twitter at: @Paasky – Realery!





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